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12. July 2021

Make your last minute travel plans for your 2021 summer holiday today to the Mediterranean Village San Antonio.

Choose from 48 European destinations to reach San Antonio through Zadar Airport, positioned only 25 km from the center of Biograd na Moru. The airport is reachable within 25 minutes of driving from the village.

Hurry On & Check the Availability of Flights

Within the last few weeks, many airlines have re-instated the flight schedules, while Ryanair, the largest European airline, had already commenced the intensified operations schedule from Zadar.

In the period from July until the end of October, Zadar Airport will be directly connected to 48 destinations in Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Luxembourg and to the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

Airlines of Ryanair, Croatia Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, easyJet, Eurowings, Transavia, LOT, S7 and Luxair have announced up to 260 weekly operations (130 arrivals and 130 departures).  Ryanair will have the largest share of weekly departures, a total of 160.  Ryanair plans to operate 37 international routes during the summer of 2021.

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2021 Airline Timetable of Flights to and from Zadar Airport
  • 48 European destinations
  • 17 countries
  • 260 weekly operations (130 arrivals and 130 departures)
  • 10 airlines
CountryDestinationAirlineFlight Days in the WeekWeekly FlightsAvailibility Period
IrelandDublinRyanairwed & sun2from July to October
HungaryBudapestRyanairthursday & sunday2from July to October
BariRyanairthursday1from August to October
BologneRyanairthursday & sunday2from August to October
Milan BergamoRyanairmon, tue, thurs, fri and sat5from July to October
NapoliRyanairmon & fri2from July to October
Rome CampinoRyanairthursday & sunday2from July to October
AustriaViennaAustrian AirlinesDaily7from 01.8. to 12.09.
wed, thurs, friday, sat & sunday5from 13.09. to 30.09.
thursday & sunday2from 01.10. to 17.10.
Ryanairmon, wed & friday3from July to October
EdinburghRyanairwed & sun2from July to October
LiverpoolRyanairthurs & sat2from July to October
London StanstedRyanairmon, tue, thurs & sat4from July to October
ManchesterRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
NewcastleRyanairwed1from July to October
Dusseldorf InternationalEurowingswed & sat2from July to August
sat1from September to October
Dusseldorf WeezeRyanairtue, thurs & sat3From July to October
CologneEurowingssat1from 10.07. to 23.10.
Ryanairmon & fri2from July to October
BerlinRyanairmon & fri2from July to October
BremenRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
Frankfurt InternationalLufthansamon, wed, sat & sun4from July to October
Ryanairmon & fri2from July to October
HamburgRyanairmon & fri2from July to October
Karlsruhe / Baden – BadenRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
MemmingenRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
StuttgartEurowingswed, fri & sun3from July to October
MunichLufthansawed, sat & sun3from July to October
GdanskRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
KrakowRyanairfri & sun2from July to October
Warsaw  InternationalLOTsat1from July to October
PoznanRyanairwed & sun2from July to October
Warsaw ModlinRyanairthurs & sun2from July to October
WroclawRyanairmon & fri2from July to October
RzeszowLOTsat1from July to September 11th
Växjö Smaland AirportRyanairwed & sun2from July to October
Stockholm SkavstaRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
Göteborg LadvetterRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
DenmarkAarhusRyanairmon & fri2from July to October
RomaniaBucharestRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
CzechiaPragueRyanairtues & sat2from July to October
CroatiaZagrebCroatia Airlines2 x daily, except Saturday; Friday 1 x daily flight11from July to October
NetherlandsMaastrichtRyanairmon & fri2from July to October
EindhovenRyanairthurs & sun2from July to October
AmsterdameasyJettues & sun2from July to 05.09.
RotterdamTransaviawed & sat2from July to October
Paris BeauvaisRyanairwed & sat2from July to October
MarseilleRyanairwed & sun2from July to October
SwitzerlandBaseleasyJetmon, thurs & sat3from July to 04.09.
BelgiumBrusselsRyanairmon, tues, thurs & sat4from July to October
RussiaMoscowS7sat1from July to 25.09.
LuxembourgLuxembourgLuxairsat1from July to 09.10.

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