Telašćica Nature Park – a Hidden Oasis of Beauty

17. April 2022

The Mediterranean Village of San Antonio is close to another natural phenomenon: the Telaščica Nature Park. With its bay, lake and steep cliffs of Dugi otok, the park presents one of the most recognizable aerial panoramic views of the Croatian Adriatic. Located in the north next to the Kornati archipelago, this oasis of beauty is surrounded by 13 islands and islets. Telašćica contains extremely valuable plant and animal species and an interesting archaeological heritage.

For a complete experience of Telašćica during your stay in San Antonio, take a boat trip departing from Biograd.  Excursions are suitable for all age groups such as families, groups of friends, young and mature couples.

Top 3 Natural Attractions

Along the lake in the middle of the island, the Telašćica Nature Park is also recognizable by its landscape contrasts, such as quiet beaches with a laid-back shore on one side and high and steep cliffs on the other side of the island. The aerial view of the forest areas of Aleppo pine and holm oak with bare rocks next to the numerous cultivated fields of vineyards and olive groves is fascinating to say the least.

  1. Telašćica Bay: the safest, most beautiful and largest natural harbor in the Adriatic Sea with 25 small beaches
  2. Impressive cliffs or so-called “rocks“: they are up to 161 meters high and reach a sea depth of 90 meters
  3. Salt Lake “Peace” is beautiful and full of healing properties

Lake in the Middle of the Island

An attractive lake in the narrow part of the mainland between Telašćica Bay and the open sea was formed during the last ice age when the sea level rose to approximately 120 meters. The karst depression was filled with the sea, which was penetrated by numerous underground microcracks. 900 m long, 300 m wide and only 6 m deep, the lake is salty because it is connected to the sea by underground canals.

Seabed near Telašćica

Lake “Mir”

Bay near Dugi otok

Did You Know?

  • The bay of Telašćica Bay is indented and contains 25 bays, capes and 5 islets
  • Due to its position, Telašćica is one of the most naturally protected ports from the wind storms, both from the mainland and the open sea.
  • The sea overflows into the lake in the southeastern part of Lake Telašćica during „Jugo“, the stormy south wind
  • The name Telašćica comes from the Latin name “tre lagus” which means “three lakes”
  • Three lakes in the nature park (Tripuljak, Farfarikulac and Telašćica) karst sinkholes reached the sea tens of thousands of years after the last period of thawing
  • Over 1,000 plant and animal species on land and in the sea can be found in the park
  • The park gets more than 2,500 hours of sunshine a year
  • Remains of Roman buildings and numerous pre-Romanesque churches are scattered thorughout the park
  • The oldest written record of saltwater fishing in Croatia is stored within the church of Sv. Ivana in Stivanje polje, near Telašćica

Top 3 activities in the nature park

  • Scuba diving in attractive areas near the cliffs
  • Hikes to the Grpašćak lookout point
  • Boat trip visits to the park

Reef near Telašćica

Telašćica cliff – Foto by julien, source: Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

Foto by Plastic pony, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

Boat Trips

We recommend half-day or full-day excursions to the Telašćica Nature Park by private speedboat. Such trips depart from Biograd na Moru and include a skipper. During the voyage expect to pass by the several pictoresque islands including Pašman, Žižanj and Žuta. The cruise typically includes a swim break in one of the many bay shelters of the crystal clear Adriatic, accompanied by a healthy snack such as bruschetta with tuna, cheese and olive pate.

The excursion to Telašćica is most often offered as part of a wider tour that includes a visit to the Kornati.  During a trip stop over, visitors have about hour and a half of spare time to swim in the salt lake Mir, walk on the top of the 160 m tall rocks in order to be amused by a spectacular view and create memorable photos of the Adriatic horizon. Duringg the break, a light Mediterranean lunch is typically served, such as mussels with pasta and tomato sauce.

Some excursion programs include a stop over on the island of Kornat where you may explore the secret fortifications from the 6th century as well as the history of the whole archipelago.

  • Typical duration of the trip: 1 day (6 to 8 hours)
  • Availability period: from mid-March to the end of October (depending on weather conditions)
  • Typical group size: 4 – 11 people

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