Kornati national park

06. October 2020

The Mediterranean village San Antonio


Nested in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, on the meeting point of Šibenik and Zadar islands, Kornati national park spans across the unique group of islands that are perfect for one of the day trips from Biograd na Moru.

Eat, Swim, Love

Kornati islands are part of the most indented archipelago on the Mediterranean, with more than a hundred uninhabited islands, rocky islets and shallow reefs. Due to the exceptional beauty of landscape, diversity of the coast and the rich marine ecosystem, in 1980 the greater part of the Kornati maritime zone was declared a national park. It occupies around 220 km2 and includes 89 islands, islets and cliffs, with a coastline that is about 238 km long. 

Lojena beach, also known as the pearl of Kornati, is a sandy beach situated on the south-west part of the Levrnaka island. This mesmerizing white pebble beach is embraced with crystal clear sea and is a perfect spot for you to swim, snorkel and relax. Foodies will enjoy a local restaurant where you’ll be able to enjoy fresh fish and seafood dishes.

Vrulje is the biggest village in the Kornati archipelago. Although Vrulje is not permanently inhabited, around 50 families that live on the island of Murter occasionally go to their properties on the Kornat island where they take care of their olive trees. Kornat is also an official entrance to the Kornati national park.

Another Kornati archipelago must-see is the island of Žut, located between islands Pašman and Kornat. Steep and very indented island coastline provides Robinsonian atmosphere and possible shelter for fisherman boats and small sailboats.

Callin out to all you movie stars!

The most famous among Kornati national park islands, and we mean that literally, is Mana. The island was a backdrop for the 1950’s blockbuster “As the sea rages” featuring Maria Schell, Cliff Robertson and Cameron Mitchell. In order to simulate a Greek fishermen village, the director ordered the construction of stone buildings that remain until now – for us to enjoy the incredible nature while pretending we’re big-shot stars at a movie set. 

The easiest way to reach Kornati islands is by boat that our San Antonio team will help you rent in Biograd marina. The numerous Kornati uplifts offer memorable sights of the unusual geological and geomorphological phenomena that will stay in your memory for a long time. Kornati picks are not especially steep, however, one has to keep in mind that the high sun can make the hike quite unbearable. Therefore, bring your head covers, sunscreens, sunglasses and plenty of liquids, since there is little shade on the Kornati islands. 

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