Vrana lake

06. October 2020

Vacation Biograd na Moru


Near the royal city of Biograd na Moru, just a few kilometers down the Adriatic highway in the direction of northern Dalmatia, you will come across a natural phenomenon of the two equally beautiful, and yet so different blue. On the right handside the indented Adriatic coast opens up, and on the left, there is a view of the largest natural lake in Croatia and one of the very few, almost untouched natural habitats of waterfowl – Vrana lake.

Unique bike tracks

Nature park “Vrana lake” covers 57 km², of which the largest part, or a bit over 30 km² belongs to the lake area itself, stretching in the direction north-west to the south-east, parallel to the coastal line, in some places, less than a kilometre apart. The lake is actually a karst field, filled with brackish water, representing crypto depression which makes it unique, not only in Croatia, but also in the wider European area.

There are more than 50 km of bicycle tracks around Vrana lake, differing in weight and the landscape they pass through. The most common cycling route starts in Vrana near the local church, from where the trail climbs to the Majdan hill that oversees the entire Ornithological Reserve of Vrana Lake, and continues along the northern shore of the lake in a southeasterly direction.

Sunset as a souvenir

A visit to the lookout “Kamenjak”, located just above the lake and offering an indescribably beautiful view of the lake, islands of Pašman and Murter as well as the Kornati National Park, is a perfect trip for the whole family and all generations. If you find yourself there before sunset, you will experience a game of indescribable palette of colors, sun, glare and breathtaking water. The lookout point “Kamenjak” can be reached by a detour through villages of Radašinovci and Bakovici. The ascent to the lookout point is a great opportunity for an easy 45-minute walk or a slightly shorter bike ride.

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