Autumn Shades of Biograd

24. October 2021

Biograd na Moru is only a 15-minute walk from the San Antonio Mediterranean village and is an inevitable destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway to fervedly grasp the historical and cultural legacy of Biograd while savoring the tastes of its culinary heritage.

Natural Oasis of Beauty

Stretching along its coast and peninsula, Biograd is a home to a series of beautiful beaches offering unique sunset views over the Pašman island and the dazzling National Park of Kornati. In the immediate vicinity to the east of Biograd is Vrana Lake, the unique natural phenomenon.

Biograd – photo by TZ grada Biograda

Kornati Islands

Soline Beach – photo by Tourist Board of Biograd

Protected by a dense pine forest, Biograd’s pebble and sandy beaches, such as Dražica and Soline, are ceaselessly beautiful. Due to their cleanliness and infrastructural quality, Dražica gained the status of the Blue Flag in 2006. Diving courses offering the exploratory overview of the Adriatic underwater are performed by a local diving club located in Dražica are available throughout the period of late summer and early autumn.

The most prominent natural attraction near Biograd is the Kornati National Park, a lush archipelago composed of 150 islands, islets, cliffs and capes, surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic sea. It is a place of untouched and fascinating nature. One-day excursions to Kornati are organized from Biograd on a daily basis. They include a tour and a meal, whereas during the summer and early autumn period, the tours include several breaks during which you can swim in a fascinatingly blue and clean water.

Excursions during the autumn period are ideal for exploring the inland areas of Kornati, known for powerfully displaying the coexistence of humans with the untamed nature, such as numerous stone forts, churches, salt pans, dry stone walls, olive groves and forts. Those sites are great for taking some stunning photos.

Did you know?
The mainland areas of the Kornati National Park are completely privately owned by the locals of the nearby island of Murter.

Recommended Activities

  • Explore diverse underwater world by booking a special diving course
  • Embark on a 1-day sailing trip along the Kornati archipelago
  • Cycle around or kayak on the nearby Vrana Lake – more on the Nature Park Vrana Lake

Sailing around Biograd

Dražice Beach – photo by Tourist Board of Biograd

National Park of Kornati

Historical and Cultural Heritage

Biograd is a royal city, the seat of croatian kings and bishops during the 11th century. It reached its peak in 1102 during the coronation of the Croatian-Hungarian king Koloman. About hundred years later, the city provided shelter to the refugees fleeing Zadar from the crusades, while in the later periods (15th to late 18th century) it had dealt with destruction during the wars between the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic. Biograd was under venetial territorial jurisdiction at that time.
Recommendation: Visit and explore the Homeland Museum to see the impressive collection of artifacts illustrating turbulent and rich medieval history of Biograd. The sunken Venetian ship from the 16th century is one of the main attractions among the existing exhibits in the museum.

Culinary Delights Among Rural Farms

Specialties such as platter with Dalmatian prosciutto and cheese, fish soup, oven roasted octopus and fritters are some of the signature delicacies typical of central Dalmatia.
Family owned inland farms in the vicinity of Biograd are some of the best places to savor the culinary tradition. Delicious snack, a glass of Dalmatian wine while listening to the family stories of your hosts in an old stone house takes you back in time.
Recommendation for a visit: Mićanovi dvori, OPG Odžaković, Vrata Velebit, Kuća dalmatinskog prosciutto, Vina Vrsaljko and wineries Bačić and Kaštelanac.

A Unique Autumn Event

For the lovers of sailing, there is an event in October with which you can mix business with pleasure. Visit the Biograd Boat Show, the unique and largest Central European nautical fair. For years, the show has captivated passionate lovers of sailing. Biograd na Moru has two marinas and as such is a significant nautical center. The fair annually brings over 600,000 profesionals from the nautical, shipbuilding, hospitality, tourist agency and destination experience industries. Biograd Boat Show is also a member of the International Federation of Boat Show Organisers (IFBSO) with some of the most prominent nautical destinations such as Genoa, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Miami and London, being regularily present at the show.

Oven roasted octopus

Nature Park Vrana Lake – photo by Milan Miso Lakic


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