Beaches, National Parks, History and Culture Throughout Most Seasons

15. October 2022

Staying at the Mediterranean Village of San Antonio near Biograd na Moru allows you to explore a vast array of signature experiences throughout spring, summer and autumn seasons.  Pleasant temperatures, proximity to the Roman city of Zadar and to the UNESCO world heritage sites of the Renaissance towns Šibenik and Trogir as well as to the national parks of Paklenica, Kornati and Krka make San Antonio a perfect holiday base from which to explore the nearby attractions.

We bring you a seasonal guide outlining the recommended experiences within a close reach of Biograd during the period from May to September.  These include activities in the outdoors within nature, exploring historical and cultural heritage sites in the cities and enjoying the beaches of the Adriatic.

Biograd na Moru is a part of Central Dalmatia where the Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean climate prevails, with temperatures ranging from a pleasant 20°C to a hot 35°C in the period from May to September.

Zadar – Greeting to the Sun with 300 multi-layered glass plates

Šibenik archipelago

Pedestrian promenade in Zadar

  • The first appearance of noticeably longer days and visible stabilization of the weather
  • Temperatures range from pleasant 15° C to a moderately warm 25° C,
  • Advantages: less crowds, more favorable prices, less heat with small chances for rain and wind
  • Things to do?
    • Active holidays in nature, such as cycling around Vrana Lake
    • Hiking throughout Paklenica National Park
    • Discovering historical heritage found in the Roman city of Zadar and UNESCO World Heritage site in the Renaissance town of Trogir
  • Distances from the Mediterranean village of San Antonio:
    • about 10 km and 15 minutes drive to Vrana Lake
    • Up to 45 minutes drive to Paklenica National Park
    • Up to 30 and 45 minutes drive to Šibenik and Trogir via the A1 highway

Cycling trail at Vrana Lake

Kamenjak view point at Vrana Lake, photo by Milan Mišo Lakić

National Park Paklenica

National Park Paklenica

National Park Paklenica

Mt. Velebit

HIstorical center of Trogir



  • The month during which first summer heat occurs
  • Air temperatures range from 25° C to 30° C, while the sea warms up to a pleasant 24° C, enabling first seasonal swims:  usually the swimming seasons starts in the middle of the month, at times even at the very beginning of June/end of May
  • Things to do?

National Park Kornati

National Park Kornati

Nature Park Telaščica on Kornati islands,Foto by julien, source Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

Vrana Lake

Vransko Vrana Lakejezero

Kayaking at Vrana Lake

Dražica Beach, photo by Tourist Board of Biograd

Center of Zadar

Roman remains in the center of Zadar

July and August:
  • Mostly dry and hot period with air temperatures ranging from 30° C to 35° C with long days
  • Things to do?
    • Swimming on secluded beaches far from the crowds
    • Enjoying local culinary events and folk festivals during the main season in Biograd and surrounding towns
    • Swimming in Zrmanja river within Krka National Park and a trip to a nearby town of Šibenik, distinguished for its cathedral of St. Jakov included in the UNESCO World Heritage List
    • Exploring Kornati seabed while diving
    • Family fun at the local beaches: Soline and Dražica in Biograd

Kornati saebed

National Park Krka

National Park Krka

Visovac Island within the National Park Krka

National Park Krka

National Park Krka

National Park Krka

Soline Beach

St. James Cathedral in Šibenik

St. Nicholas Fortress in Šibenik

St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik


  • Air temperatures ranging from 25° C to 30° C
  • Advantages: less crowds, more favorable prices, less heat with small chances for rain and wind
  • Things to do?
    • Swimming and diving are usually still possible during the first half of the month
    • Savoring the culinary tradition of rural farms in the vicinity of Biograd and tasting Dalmatian prosciutto and cheese, fish soup, grilled octopus and fritters. Recommendation: Mićanovi dvori, OPG Odžaković, Vrata Velebit, House of Dalmatian prosciutto, Vins Vrsaljko and Bačić and Kaštelanac wineries.
    • Discovering the fascinating cathedrals and basilicas of Biograd, a medieval city built by King Petar Krešimir IV in this once 11th-century capital of the Kingdom of Croatia
    • Bird watching, educational trails, adrenaline park for children on Vrana Lake

Vrana Lake nature park

Bird watching at Vrana Lake

Oven roasted octopus


Biograd – Church of St. Anastasia – Photo by TZ Biograd – Discover Biograd

Center of Biograd

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